Anti-Money Laundering

I@D UK and its agents are subject to anti-money laundering regulations (“MLR”) applicable to the real estate sector. As such, we are legally required to conduct anti-money laundering checks on all individuals selling or buying property. Amongst other obligations, we are required to carry out identity checks on individuals and/or companies involved in the transaction, keep a record of the checks we make and submit a “Suspicious Activity Report” (SAR) to the National Crime Agency if necessary.

Whilst I@D agents retain the responsibility for ensuring identity checks are carried out correctly, I@D agents may outsource the process of completing those checks to a third-party service provider. In these circumstances, the agent will instruct the service provider to contact you directly to gather the necessary information. There will be a fee for you to pay directly to the provider to cover the costs of data and any manual checks and ongoing monitoring which may be required. I@D may receive some of the fee taken by the provider to compensate for its role in the provision of these checks.